the eleventh tribute + relationships: amelia pond

When I was a little girl, I had an imaginary friend. And when I grew up, he came back. He’s called the Doctor. I ran away with him, and we’ve been running ever since.

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Magic is about emotion. Summon up that moment, that made you so angry, you would’ve k i l l e d if you could.”

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You never forget your first.

piper halliwell + pigtails/up-down hair

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with my undying death defying love for you

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The mortal instruments characters + meyers-briggs personality types

jace herondale: ENTJ - the executive
efficient, energetic, self-confident, strong-willed, enthusiastic, strategic thinkers, charismatic, inspiring, stubborn, dominant, intolerant, impatient, arrogant, poor handling of emotions, cold and ruthless, intimidating, high standards and expectations, assertive, decisive

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not a word.

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