"I’m not alone. I have a lot of people that love me."

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Ouat cast doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

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GAME OF THRONES MEME: [1/8] male characters  Jaime Lannister

"So many vows. They make you swear and swear. Defend the King, obey the King, obey your father, protect the innocent, defend the weak. But what if your father despises the King? What if the King massacres the innocent? It’s too much. No matter what you do, you’re forsaking one vow or another."

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Amy/Eleven + Full Body Shots

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captain swan & olicity parallels | requested by anon

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female awesome meme: favorite female dynamics [11/20]
     ↳ Catherine de Medici and Mary Stuart; Reign
"Happiness if the one thing we queens can never have."

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"Children are filled with hope and imagination. As we grow older, those feelings may fade; but certain things trigger our inner kid. Star Wars is the embodiment of that childhood wonder."

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